Imagine ...

  • having the ability to do more for your very best clients.
  • having more security by increasing client retention.
  • growing your revenue without adding more billable hours.
  • increasing demand for your services by differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • having more time for what is most important to you.

Our Family Office Services solution gives you the resources and support to deliver more services to fewer clients so you can enjoy more revenue and more free time.


How Do We Work with You?

Our introductory period is followed by an eight-week-long process that is designed to achieve quantifiable results for you and your very best clients.

Introductory Meeting

We discuss our process and how we can help you save time, earn more, and serve your clients more effectively.

Mutual Exploration

We review your practice, client makeup, goals, and expectations to ensure compatibility with our process.

Laying the Groundwork

We meet with you to identify three suitable clients and coach you in how to reach out to discuss the proactive process you are adopting.

Client Contact

You call the identified clients to schedule an hour of their time. They also receive a short survey to identify their greatest needs.


We join you in the conversations with each of your three clients to determine what is most important to them.


We reach out to our array of experts to determine the creative solutions that will meet your clients’ needs.


We implement the solutions on your clients’ behalf while you continue to serve as their point of contact.

Expectations Met

Moving forward, we introduce Family Office Services to your very best clients through our turnkey marketing solutions.



Our Family Office Services program gives your clients the freedom to pursue their vision for life while providing you with a comprehensive array of services to grow your business.